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Brief Amicus Curiae of B'Nai B'Rith International, Raoul Wallenberg  Ctr. for Human Rights, Simon Wiesenthal Center, Amb. Stuart E. Eizenstat, et al. filed in Zuckerman/Leffman v. The Met

American judges have not yet developed a record of fair resolution of claims seeking the return of "Flight Art," artworks Nazi persecutees were forced to sell to pay discriminatory taxes, including the infamous Flight Tax, to make use of precious, hard-to-obtain visas to flee the continent. Amici are esteemed historians of modern Germany, groups interested in the rights of Holocaust survivors, and former Special Representative of the President and Secretary of State on Holocaust Issues Stuart E. Eizenstat.

Lead Counsel Professor Jennifer Kreder, Professor Edward Gaffney and amici offer counsel to judges so they can understand that Jews on the run from the Third Reich selling their last assets to art dealers were not engaged in routine commercial transactions. They were victims of a hold up--albeit with a curious "receipt." 

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